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Study Supplement English 88

What are the study lesson English lesson levels?

Study supplement English lesson levels

Level 1 … Level 5 of the Eiken, which enables you to exchange self-introductions after understanding general everyday expressions and phrases.
Level 2 … Eiken Level 2 level allows students to understand common everyday expressions and phrases, and to exchange information such as self-introduction.
Level 3 … Eiken Level 3 TOEIC500.
Understand everyday expressions such as family and work, and exchange information.
Level 4: Level 2 of the English Examination Level allows students to exchange information after understanding everyday expressions such as family and work.
Level 5: Eiken Grade 2 level, TOEIC 600 points.
Communicate in context with work, school and leisure topics and interests.
Level 6: Eiken Grade 2 level, with a TOEIC score of around 700.
Create and interact with contextual work, school and leisure activities.
Level 7: English level 1
With TOEIC78-or higher, you will be able to interact naturally, with a solid understanding of abstract and specific topics and complex contents.

What is the basis for setting the level?

Level 1 for super beginners is Eiken 5th grade.
And at the highest level, level 7, the aim is to aim for Eiken 1st grade, TOEIC 780 points or higher, but why are there no Eiken 1st grade or TOEIC 900 points or higher level?

In the case of Eiken 1st grade or TOEIC 780 or higher, it is too much necessary for everyday English conversation and business.
For example, some jobs do not require such a high level of English conversation skills, and it is often the case that you do not have any inconveniences in your normal work unless you are very specialized.

In addition, since business people are busy in the first place, I can’t spend my time just learning English.
With this app, you will find that study supplement English does not require a higher level of learning English for everyday or business English.

Study Supplement English is 980 yen per month, but it doesn’t mean that you keep paying the fee.
If you master to level 7, you will be able to learn practical things from everyday English conversation to business English conversation.

Learn English with Study Supplement English

I want to be able to speak English lightly while traveling!
I want to speak English with foreigners!
I want to enjoy movies without subtitles!
I want to use English at work!

If this is the case, it is highly recommended to use Study Supplement ENGLISH .
Study Suppli English is only 980 yen per month.
It is an app that can be used at a very low cost than purchasing a single English reference book at a bookstore and spending money on hobbies.

Why study supplement English is recommended

I want to be able to speak English much more fluently in three months!
Purchasing Study Supplement English is not a bad investment because you can fulfill that dream.
Wouldn’t it be very attractive to be able to acquire English conversation skills at a cost that can be easily obtained by just having to endure the number of drinking sessions and hobbies once?

If you don’t do it now, no matter how much time has passed after one or three months, you will end up with the desire to be able to speak English.
Despite wanting to be able to speak English, wasting such time wastes a limited life.

Free trial study supplement English

Now you can try Study Suppli English for free for 7 days.
It is very attractive to be able to try it once for free.

In order to receive a free trial, you must register as a paid member once.
And after 7 days, the money will be automatically debited for the first time according to the information you have registered.
If you don’t like it, just register and meet on the 6th day.

I hope you can actually try it for free, but you may actually get paid for it
However, please be assured that it is free for 7 days.

Money will be deducted for the first time after 7 days.
Registration and of course the tournament can be done online immediately, so there is no hassle.

For that reason, I think you should try it if you are at a loss.
We don’t know when the service will end for the 7-day free trial period, so why not try it as soon as possible?

It is the most popular educational app in the APP store, and the mother is also recruited, so it is very safe.